About Me

I'm Scarlett of Scarlett's Book Blog a one man blogging team!  
I just turned 16 and am in the middle of a two year course of exams at school. 
I'm a big reader of YA and I own far more books than I can ever hope to read but the collection is still going!

My favourite genre is paranormal/fantasy. While I do enjoy a contemporary, particularly while I'm stuck in a mourning period, I don't really read it very often because to me it's not far enough away from real life for me to really sink my teeth into, that being said, my favorite book for all time is If I Stay by Gayle Foreman because it is just such a powerful story and I can barely even breathe from excitement for the movie!!!
 Every Week I take part int he Top Ten Tuesday meme at The Broke and The Bookish and also Life of a Blogger on a Thursday at Novel Heartbeat.

And a few posts which will really let you let to know me, my tone, how I review etc. 

As well as a written blog, I also have a Youtube chanel on which I post book reviews, tags and hauls etc.

The Fiery Heart Discussion

 Goodreads Tag

Book Tower Challenge

Vampire Academy Movie Discussion

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